Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy

The 2020 Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy takes place on Saturday 15 February 2020 at Silverstone circuit.

The event’s mission to determine Britain’s best Toyota via a series of autotest-style driving tests, with Toyotas of all types and from all eras pitted against each other using a unique series of calculations to ensure all are judged equally.

The new-for-2020 Logo Test requires participants to navigate a coned course mapping out the iconic three-oval Toyota emblem. The VSCC developed this timed handling test specifically for the event thanks to the harmonious way that the logo’s outer oval intersects with the overlapping inner ovals.

To familiarise everyone with this new challenge, Toyota prepared a short visualisation. In this visualisation you can see they have used the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 from the manga series Initial D with the fujiwara delivery vinyl on the drivers door and the 13-954 license plate.


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