Straightaway of Struggles

Sorry first for the lack of update, however the cabinet is still in my possession. I have been heavily working on the basement which will contain the Initial D collection and cabinet, however due to this we have had some struggles. As in the previous post almost a year ago we have been working on the basement around a full-time job and family.

The biggest issue is that the room is not big enough to measure and cut materials which is needed, therefore we have to move items outside and cut then return. If anyone has visited the UK then you will know that we don’t tend to have a summer season just different temperatures of rain throughout the year. Therefore before I start anything I have to make sure we have a dry day and move all the materials outside for space and then do the work and move everything back in before it rains.

Also we have changed some of the design and we are no longer plaster-boarding the walls using a metal stud frame. We have replaced this now with wooden frame and OSB walls, this will give a more stable build and allow building of odd angles to be easier.

I have added below a picture of the current state, however all photos are view-able in the  Flickr library.

Onto the arcade cabinet, during the end of last year we have been able to source both the left & right bracket which hold the card reader. This will allow me to eliminate the coin tower (as not required for home use) and then have a mountable card reader still as intended, I have both and will get both restored to give me the option if the cabinet needs to move location.

The cabinet base has been stripped, with all panels having been photographed and parts logged. This will help in sourcing or replacement parts, we have found a source for NOS (New Old Stock) on the castors so that will be replaced.

The leg levelers are NLA (No Longer Available) which differ from the Japanese build, but are terrible and also always damaged. We will check the condition we have and clean these up though they wont be used.

In disassembling the base unit we also have scanned and photographed all the stickers from the cabinet, these have been sent to various community members who specialize in restoring and reprinting sticker. As much as I would have liked to use NOS stickers this is not going to be possible, though the decision on which livery I will use from ver.1 – ver.3 is still undecided. The cabinet will also have all the Sega warnings, serial, etc stickers replaced as per the manual requirement.

The cabinet originally started life as a Slave to a Initial D ver.2 Twin cabinet, this means the AC plate was designed to accept power from the master unit. As this is now a single cabinet I will be sourcing and replacing the power plate fittings to make this safe and into a master cabinet.

The base, rear lid, seat base, and AC plate have all been taking to the powder coating company, these cabinets will be shot blasted and then powder coated (earth points remain) in a Black Semi-Gloss. I will upload photos once complete. Also arrived this week was a replacement Naomi 2 motherboard, this will be the third Naomi2 board we have bought for this cabinet so we hope to test this ASAP and then keep it safe.

So the current work:


  • Wooden frame and walls.
  • Re-route radiator pipes for room above and plumb in a radiator in basement.
  • Drill new outside tap hole and re-route water pipe.
  • Build step into basement.
  • Seal and paint all walls.


  • Await return of base parts from powder-coating company.
  • Source new castors/bolts
  • Check leg levelers and source any missing, then clean and restore.
  • Scan and find replacement stickers for the base of cabinet (some stickers will not be added back to cabinet i.e. Fork Here)
  • Clean all electronics in cabinet base, wooden plinths and test Naomi 2 board.

We update the photo library every week as work is done. Flickr


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