Iroha Saka Downhill – Road to PLATINUM

Today, at the official youtube channel of SEGA, “Driving Technique for Course to PLATINUM No. 9 Iroha Saka Downhill” has been released. Irohazaka is extremely difficult even in the pass ‥ Study how to...


Momiji Line Downhill – Road to PLATINUM

Today, on SEGA’s official youtube channel, “Driving technique forRoad No. 8 Momiji Line · Downhill” has been released. The Momiji line is also appointed at the expedition store “Round One Kumamoto shop” from 6/12!...


Akina Snow Downhill – Road to PLATINUM

Official video showing the driving technique to on Akina (Snow) – Downhill. Time to beat PLATINUM: 3’49″000 Actual Time: 3’35″650 Three people will now explain the course! Road to PLATINUM Driver: D Zero fan Road to...