Bunta Fujiwara’s technical theory

Recently appeared on Yahoo Auctions Japan (YAJ) was this Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.2 T-Shirt. Unfortunately we were unable to win the auction and therefore can only post the old listing details.

There is no record on any press photos or website that I have found showing anyone wearing this t-shirt, if this was given out to members of staff, special event or any other promotion then I also have been unable to find evidence.
The listing stated was as a 2002 item and that printed on the back is Bunta Fujiwara’s technical theory.

Using online translation tools the text reads very loosely.

I make it myself. ..

It’s not something that you can learn by being taught. Technique is that kind of thing. Still, I kept running without being discouraged. Nine were useless, but I tried 10 of the ideas I came up with.

If I went to a pass that I couldn’t think of the system, I would jump out of my bed even at night, and the only thing I could think of was running. I was attacking Akina, too. When I was running, I had no choice but to think about run results.

How can the car be managed as expected?

It ’s only 2-3 days