Initial D New Edition Manga set for release

Back last year for the 25th anniversary for Initial D, it was announced that a release of a “new edition” of the popular manga, the original series ran from 1995 to 2013 and sold a total of 50 million copies.

All 48 volumes will be released but in 24 volumes (each volume containing 2 of the original volumes), the new editions will also be released in batches of 3 volumes per month. The first new edition volumes (volumes 1-3) were released on 6th Nov, 2020 and 22-24 was released last month 3rd Jun, 2021.

The obi (outer sleeve) shows a comment by a voice actor from the new Initial D movies and also a collaboration with Hot Wheels. There is very little information on how many cars and what cars will be released, but what we have been able to identify that these Hot Wheels 1:64 diecast cars will be presented to those who apply by collecting the 24 stamps which are on each obi (one for each “new edition” volume) and attaching them to a postcard and sending them in for redemption (similar to normal mail-away).

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