PROJECT D in Gunma

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Initial D and to promote “Anime Tourism”, Shibukawa City is setting up and event where fans visit the places where anime and manga are set.

There are many “Initial D” stage venues in Gunma prefecture, but Shibukawa city, Gunma prefecture has the most stage venues. There are many locations throughout Shibukawa, such as the pass where the battle took place, Takumi’s parents’ house, and the place where Takumi dated Natsuki.


There will be six checkpoints to the event in Shibukawa City, Maebashi City, Annaka City, and Shimonita Town and you can get AR of characters related to each place. Furthermore, if you complete all checkpoints, you will receive an original file for the first 1,000 people only!

The event will run from 1st Aug, 2020 until 31 Jul, 2021. Participation is free to the event and the event uses the “Stage Tour” apps to check in at each checkpoint.

Along with the checkpoints to find, the project is also offering an accommodation plan, stay at any of the at recommend locations between 01/08/20-31/07/2021 and you get a Hachiroku’s paper craft!

Initial D Manholes

A manhole exhibition of the popular manga “Initial D”, which is mainly set in Ikahomachi, Shibukawa, is being held at the City Hall Citizen’s Hall. Two sets have been made of the manhole covers, one for installation and one for exhibition. The installation at the 7 locations around Ikaho Onsen will start on July 27th. These manhole covers have been drawn by Ai Yokoyama, who is in charge of drawing the new movie series. At the opening ceremony, Mayor Tsutomu Takagi said, “I created a design manhole to visit the sacred sites of Initial D. I want you to immerse yourself in the world of animation.

Shibu-san (Shibukawa station square plaza) will be giving away a manhole card.

Initial D Stamp Rally

There will be two different stamp rallies being held in Shibukawa city.

1st Rally – August 1, 2020 – The rally requires you to visit all 7 manholes in Shibukawa City. The first 1,000 people will receive an original clear file for those who have completed all the manholes!

2nd Rally – July 3, 2021 – The second digital stamp rally has expanded the area, not only covering the 7 manhole covers but also additional 7 locations where using the app with allow you to use a special AR of characters from Initial D. If you manage to complete all checkpoints and one of the first 2000 people, you will receive a character mouse pad (manhole design).

Initial D Bus Adverts

Between the checkpoints you will also see two different bus services with Initial D livery, make sure you take a snapshot  and tag #InitialDxSHIBUKAWA”, and get to Ikaho Ropeway Hototogisu Station Tourist Information Center as the first 1000 people will receive a postcard.

Initial D Stamp Sets

There will also be four different stamps sets for sale during the period costing from 3050 yen -1300 yen, these come in a presentation folder, with a manga illustrative postcard and initial D sticker.

Accommodation Benefits

Staying at any of the accommodation promotions will allow you you chose between an exclusive Hachiroku’s paper craft or manhole coasters.